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Programs and Courses

Bannatyne is a French Immersion Centre. In our program, the goal is to enable students to become functionally billingual and to learn the same content and skills as do students in the English schools. Instruction in all subjects is in French -- except for English Language Arts which has 25% of the instructional time Grades 1 to 5.
Students are taught to speak French in the school and are actively encouraged to do so. This enables the students to use the language skills learned in the classroom and become more proficient with the French language.

Bannatyne Features
  • a dedicated staff working closely with parents and students
  • quality instruction in the core subjects, in French and E.L.A.
  • use of technology by staff and students to enhance learning
  • 150 minutes/cycle of Phys. Ed. plus a strong co-curricular program
  • an Orff music program comprising speech, song, movement and instrument playing; performances in school, in public & at festivals
  • commitment to teaching social skills and problem-solving strategies
  • a code of behaviour; emphasis on respect for one another
  • daily use of homework books (Grades 3, 4 and 5)
  • dedication to creating a caring environment and a positive ambiance
  • high degree of parental involvement and an active Parent Council.
  • staff commitment to bilingual education

Technology Integration

We have a lab of Macintosh computers into which all classes are scheduled. Many computers with internet access allow student groups to do research.

Each classroom has a computer station also with internet access where students do technological research. Most classes also have a "pod" of computers for publication and computer assisted learning.Parents have enjoyed using these "pods" to learn about the internet at special sessions.

 Last Modified: 23 April,2017